Leo Poly Products

The Possibilities Are Endless

Leo Poly Products is a recognised leader in the manufacture of rubber products. We manufacture and supply our products to various construction,energy, defense, engineering and transportation industries. We have also started exporting our products to various Industries in Europe and Africa. 

We aim at promoting quality products keeping in mind the safety factor and have made various adjustments in our business models in parallel with the evolution of the rubber Industry. We have expanded our range of products that satisfy the need of the different industries. We strive to build working partnerships with customers and suppliers alike as we believe that Good Reviews from our customers and suppliers is the best Marketing Strategy.

 We also have a dedicated team of personnel to deliver the products on time and ensure that it reaches you in good condition. Be it difficult deadlines or demanding designs,we deliver the most cost effective product for your given application. We do it with ease and experience relevant to todays global market.

The company has ISO 9001:2008 certification and products confirm to India (ISI) and international standards ASTM. The Company is also CIRT Tested (Central Institute of Road Transport).